Weekdays 9:45 – 10:00 AM

Following Trading Post


So how does a program get a name like ‘You Ought to Know?’

The story goes, that in 1950, in the early days of WLIL’s existence, the staff was tossing around ideas on what the public would like to hear.

A staff member suggested, “You ought to know who has died in the community.”

The name stuck, and the show was born.

Today, ‘You Ought To Know’ is heard immediately following the Trading Post.

between 9:45 and 10:00 AM Monday thru Friday, and features a live obituary report from each of the Loudon County funeral homes, and announcements of a wide variety of community events.

This is still a valuable service today, because if someone in the community dies, the announcement is on the radio the same day, versus waiting for the announcement to appear printed in the Knoxville obituaries.


email information on all community events

at least two weeks in advance to:



If you missed You Ought To Know on the radio,

 here are the phone numbers and web links

to contact the Loudon county funeral homes directly…


Click Funeral Home – (865) 986-8013



Hawkins Chapel – (865) 986-3571



McGill-Karnes Funeral Home – (865) 458-2262





Loudon Funeral Home - (865) 458-6441




McGill Click Funerals and Cremations-(865) 408-3001








contact an WLIL Advertising Executive at (865) 986-7536

 or email advertising@wlilcountry.com.



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